Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reinventing Your Space

What is reinventing your space?

Reinventing your space is making it yours again.  You want to feel comfortable in, invigorated by, and happy with the space you live in. It’s standing in the middle of your room and feeling that it reflects you. 
This is particularly hard for those of us who rent. We are limited in the ways we can change our space. Many of us can't paint, we have to be careful what we install, and we most definitely can't be knocking down walls!

Why me?  What gives me the authority to write about such things?
I have done a lot of creative space "reinventions" due to frequent moves. My first move was into a very small dorm room that I shared with 3 other people, eventually I moved into an apartment. Then I got married, to a soldier, and we were sent all over the country. Each space I moved into was unique in its challenges to decorate and each was a rental. I became adept at taking a small space that didn't belong to me and a limited budget and turning it into endless possibilities! My current space has given me the most inspiration and I finally feel that I have mastered the art of transforming a rented space without painting, installing, or doing anything else that the landlord would frown upon.

You deserve to come home to a space that speaks to you, relaxes you, and makes you happy. Even  if you rent.

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