Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Welcome to MoonBird Decor!
Frustrated by interior design advice that revolved around painting walls and cupboards, installing new things, replacing fixtures, counters, and doors, or knocking down walls, I decided to explore ways to personalize my space in a "non-permanent" way.  With a limited budget, I discovered ways to incorporate color, personality, and style into the cookie cutter design of my townhouse. I'm not finished reinventing my space, but I am so excited to share my ideas! I hope you enjoy sharing my design journey and I hope I can help inspire you to bring beautiful change into your space as well!
In addition to the blog I have an Etsy shop. I stock my store with items that I find inspiring and I try my best to create instant collections to help my customers achieve an instant "look."
Thanks for reading,
MoonBird Decor