Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bring the Outside In!

Plants are not only a great way to bring a splash of color into a room, but some are fantastic at cleaning the air! Many species can remove chemicals such as benzine, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. NASA has even studied the air cleaning properties of houseplants and has created a list of the most efficient ones.  Dr. Oz recommends Snake Plants for sleep.  Though I'm sure any air purifying plant would do. I have 4 different snake plants in my bedroom in addition to a spider plant and I sleep just fine.

One of my original Pothos, well, half of it, anyway!

One of my newer plants, a fern. It's not doing so hot right now.

My kitchen spider plant. These are great at removing toxins from the air and they reproduce like crazy! I can't give them away fast enough!

Houseplants really bring a sense of life to a room. They're a great decor element that is easily moved, easy to control the size, and they're pretty inexpensive. You can get small houseplants at anywhere from $2 and up depending on the size and species. Most are also pretty hardy and don't require a lot of care.

When it comes to houseplants, the most expensive part tends to be the finding a flower pot to put it in. I recommend heading to your local thrift store, garage sale, or dollar store and getting creative. Sometimes you can find actual pots and if you don't like the color you can paint it. Still no luck?  Pick up a Terra Cotta pot, coat it with primer (don't skip this step, Terra Cotta is extremely absorbent and will suck the paint right up!), and paint to match your decor.  This is a fantastic way to add a bit of color to a room without buying new furniture or painting the walls!


  1. love the bright colors of the planting pots!

    1. Thank you, Emi! I'm hoping to stock some in my shop sometime this fall.